Accessibility slides posted

Hi folks:

It was really great to meet so many of you at GUADEC last weekend, and I 
am really excited about the support and interest in accessibility that 
so many of you voiced.   It's a big task, but a really important one, 
and I am more confident than ever that we will be able to achieve our 

I have posted the "Making Gnome Accessibile" slides to the Gnome 
Accessibility Project web pages:

and I have also added contact info, started a "what's new" page, and am 
working on posting info on how you can contribute to the effort.  
Accessibility source code should be uploaded to CVS before too long, in 
the meantime have a look at the tarfile for interfaces though 
implementations may change a bit:

I hope to post notes along with the slides (or perhaps just annotate the 
slides) very soon so that those of you who were unable to attend the 
talk can read more-or-less what I said (or wish I'd said ;-).

Anyone with questions, especially application and widget maintainers, 
please don't hesitate to email me in the short term,  I hope to be on 
IRC more often in the coming weeks as well.

Best regards,


Bill Haneman x19279
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland 

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