Re: GLib-1.3.3 Release

on 4/4/01 6:17 AM, Michael Mitton at Michael Mitton millersville edu wrote:

> Just a little laugh for the day...  While compiling pkgconfig (to which
> glib-1.3.3 is dependent) I noticed pkgconfig itself is dependent on
> glib-1.2.8.  Some things are too great to be left unsaid...  <g>

Not true.

The pkgconfig package has its own copy of glib (1.2.8, true) inside the
pkgconfig package, and not seen by outside code. At some point, that
internal copy of glib can be pared down to the minimum needed by pkgconfig,
but for now it's a complete copy.

There's no need to have glib to configure or build the pkgconfig package.

Ask Havoc if you'd like more details.

    -- Darin

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