Re: Status of 2.0 API freeze bugs

Erwann Chenede <Erwann Chenede Sun COM> writes:

> Owen,
> >We currently have 36 open '2.0 API freeze' bugs. These will presumably
> >still be open after we put out 1.3.3 tomorrow, which we've intended
> >to be the pre-guadec api-freeze candidate.
> >
> >(Note that as of last week, the count was about 65, so we've made 
> >good progress.)
> >
> >Here's my recommendations about which of these bugs we should slip
> >in past 1.3.3, and which ones to not do for 2.0.0, or to not
> >do at all.
> You've omitted all the gdk bugs ? Is that in purpose ?

These were the bugs we had assigned to the 2.0 API Milestone,
not all GTK+/GDK bugs.
> As you know, I'm mainly interested by :
> Bug 50504 - Multiple Display Support for X11 implementation
> I've worked for the past 3 weeks at intregating my multi display/screen
> implementation (I sent to the list a while back) into gdk.
> This is done and almost (!) working (minor problem with the event loops 
> but the test programs work).
> I didn't modify any APIs, I've only added display and/or screen variant to
> existing APIs. 
> Next step are :
> - to clean up the modified gdk/gtk tree (then submit it for review (how?))
> - Integrate this enhancement to gtk, 
> - define the limits of multihead support (support of "hot display/screen 
> swapping" or not)
> - etc.
> I'd like to talk about these different issues with you and the other
> of gtk maintainers at GUADEC to be sure to get it right...
> This enhancement should be ready soon, so could you add this
> bug id to "Slip past GUADEC" ?

At this point, I don't believe that adding multiple-display support
is a feasible goal for GTK+-2.0.0. As you can see, the list of
API issues that we still have to deal with at this point, at what
we've been targetting hard as our API freeze date, is quite long.

I'd certainly like to discuss your proposal with you at at GUADEC to
make sure that we can get it in as soon as possible after
GTK+-2.0.0. And if there are any minor changes that need to be made
now to make this posssible, we probably can slip them into GTK+-2.0.0.

Unfortunately, I simply have not, up to now, had the time to go over
your interfaces in detail :-(, so without regard to issue of 
debugging, trying it out in practice, making sure it makes some
sense for all ports, I just don't think we have enough time to
do the final refinements to get something we sure that is right
long term.

As always, you have to draw a line somewhere so you can move on
to the next release. Rest assured, there are many, many things
that I wish I could do for this release, but are not feasiable
for GTK+-2. at this point.


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