Re: Status of 2.0 API freeze bugs

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes: 
> 50070	TreeVw	gtk+	DND in TreeView needs implementing 
>  May be finished? Needs testing.

I believe there's possibly significant work and API changes here, once
someone tries to use it. It's just not really done.
> 50936	gtk	gtk+	nonlinear mappings for GtkRange widgets 
>  We think this should just be done as GtkSpinButton style ::output
>  signal.

The bug at the moment is "add ::output signal", so this should be in
the punt list rather than the don't do ever list.

> 51174	gtk	gtk+	GtkColorSelection API is screwed up 
>  Most of the effect probably could be done fairly easily, though
>  color 

one of those owen half-sentences ;-) this one can't be fixed later and
is post-1.2 API addition, so those would be arguments for doing it.

> 50206	gobject	glib	Some GObject methods take a gpointer 
>  AFAIK, no response from timj on this one. Ugly/inconsistent the
>  way it is now, but most people probably won't notice.

I consider this one more serious than you do, esp. since it's hard to
fix later. If we make it GObject* at least it's easy to go to gpointer


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