Re: New keybindings draft

Tim Janik wrote:

> i also disagree, strongly even. while i'm with havoc on having
> an rc-file property to be able to turn this off, the default
> should definitely be on, so as offer users opt-out, not opt-in
> behaviour.

Well, just as long as there's a way of having it "definitely off" out of
the box for users who will be thoroughly confused by it (as a blind
member of the team working on the accessibility API recently pointed
out!)  Something to consider for those of us involved with designing
GNOME distro installation druids, perhaps...

If it's switchable on a per-app basis rather than just a global control
center setting, there also needs to be an obvious, cross-app consistent
way of indicating that the feature is on or off for any given
application, without having to try it out and see.  This may be just a
styleguide issue, but maybe it would want some support at the gtk level
too, depending on what the solution turns out to be.


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