Re: GtkPacker removal

On 04/01/01 Tim Janik wrote:
> recently the topic was braught up to get rid of GtkPacker
> in Gtk+ proper.
> GtkPacker is a container widget reasonably sane implemented,
> modeled after a tcl container iirc.
> however that widget doesn't seem to gain much use, in fact,
> i've not seen a single third-party app that makes actuall
> use of it. of course LBs and builders support it, and
> gtkpacker.h is included in a bit of third party code, but
> that's only because it introduces GtkAnchorType ;)
> so unless people get back and tell me they use/like/need
> GtkPacker, it's scheduled for removal.

I guess the only user is the test code and language bindings;-)
I don't think it's used much, but people that used the Tk bindings
in perl and python, may feel themselves more comfortable
switching to Gtk if there is a widget that works mostly like
Tk's packer.


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