Re: timj's API todo

Tim Janik <timj gtk org> writes: 
> void       gtk_window_showraise          (GtkWidget             *widget);
> convenience function for showing a GtkWindow and then raising its window.
> probably superceeded by gtk_window_present(), however that doesn't also
> raise the window (especially for not _NET compliant window managers).

If your intended use for showraise is to call on dialogs to present to
the user, then that's where present is called, so maybe present (or
gdk_window_focus() even) should just do a raise. We shouldn't have two
functions that do the same thing in a slightly different
way. gdk_window_focus raises on _NET wm's I guess so should emulate
that for noncompliant wm's.

Or is showraise for some other use case?

> void       gtk_widget_make_sensitive     (GtkWidget             *widget);
> void       gtk_widget_make_insensitive   (GtkWidget             *widget);
> sensitivity setters suitable for signal connections (quite frequently needed
> in config dialogs).

I think these "callback convenience functions" (along the lines of
gtk_widget_destroyed) could really use some special naming
convention, maybe _callback. Otherwise app developers get confused
about how they are different from e.g. gtk_widget_set_sensitive().
Also, lang bindings need to filter these functions out, they are just
C convenience.


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