Re: Gtk+ Core TODO Item

Tim Janik wrote:
> 2) will mostly amount to changes similar to:
>  void
>  gtk_foo_set_barstring (GtkFoo      *foo,
>                         const gchar *string)
>  {
>    g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_FOO (foo));
>    g_free (foo->barstring);
>    foo->barstring = g_strdup (string);
> +  g_object_queue_param_changed (G_OBJECT (foo));
>  }

g_object_queue_param_changed currently only notifies the object being
changed.  Other objects may also be interested/dependent on this
change.  This would most likely require emitting a signal.  Will this
capability go into GObject?  If so, how will it be implemented?


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