Re: g_slist_foreach and g_list_foreach functions

on 9/20/00 9:56 PM, Tim Janik at timj gtk org wrote:

> we generally don't support full reentrancy for everything, e.g.
> things like list walks. but we at least try to care about the
> case where the _current_ element is being removed.
> the point in doing that trade, is that simply walking a list,
> check elements and remove them, is a pretty common operation.
> that's why pretty much all *_forall() implementations of our
> containers conatin code ala:
> GList *nnode = node->next;
> callback (node->data);
> node = nnode;
> to cover up for that case. based on that, the proposed changes
> for slist/list make a lot of sense.

OK. Then the function in Nautilus called nautilus_g_list_safe_for_each can
go for GNOME 2 then! I assumed it was considered too dangerous to change
such things without changing the function name.

    -- Darin

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