Re: g_object_{new,set,get}v

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Oskar Liljeblad wrote:

> Where did the methods g_object_newv, g_object_setv, and
> g_object_getv go? There are *_valist methods, but those take
> a va_list argument (which is AFAIK hard or impossible to reconstruct
> manually). The *v methods in GTK took an array of GtkArg parameters.
> They are crucial for certain language bindings...

there will be a g_object_newv() function, however there is no
point in providing v variants for set and get, as calling

void        g_object_set_param             (GObject        *object,
                                            const gchar    *param_name,
                                            const GValue   *value);
void        g_object_get_param             (GObject        *object,
                                            const gchar    *param_name,
                                            GValue         *value);

in a loop amounts to pretty much the same effect.

> Oskar Liljeblad (osk hem passagen se)


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