Re: Broken i18n and the new UI handler.

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 12:23:59PM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > > Which is, note, valid for the GMarkup parser I proposed for GLib.
> > 
> >         Currently I am using libxml; I havn't looked at GMarkup, however
> > one think I need is the ability to associate extra model information to
> > each xml node; is this easy / feasible with GMarkup ?
> >    
> It doesn't do that right now, you could add it, or if nothing else you
> can use datasets or a hash.
> (Though, exporting xmlNode and using it as your main data structure is
> not a good idea IMO, it is very, very error-prone - I did this for the

   I have been watching this very quietly until now. Seens it's time
for me to step in ...
   I assume xmlNode is actually the structure used in libxml to represent
a node. 
 - Can you tell me how using it is error prone ? As far as i can tell
   I never got any feedback from you on this
 - There is actually a specific place holder for user information it's
   the _private field
 - The extra informations found on an XML Node are all needed (except
   _private) to be able to read/modify/write XML documents and navigate
   them easilly. If you don't use XML but a subset or if you don't need
   to save back, you win there, but your application simply don't follow
   the standard (which may be okay if you totally control the producing and
   consuming side of your data, i.e. you are sure nobody will have
   a look at it and decide to modify it either by hand or in an automated
 - while we are speaking about size, what is the largest input you
   envision to use in GMarkup ? Did you made any serious estimate of the
   memory needed by the equivalent libxml output before writing your own ?
 - How do you intent to handle I18N and L14N issues in GMarkup ?

  I do understand the panic an unprepared programmer may face when trying
to use libxml for very lightweight operation (like reading a menu list).
So i understand the reasoning behind GMarkup. But don't associate it with
XML it's not designed for this. If I had time I would spend the 2 hours needed
to make a SAX backend generating the same data structures as GMarkup.
It would be a good way to learn what are the differences and provide 
a reasonable way to compare both on real stuff (and see if a fallback is
possible for apps who may grow their usage of GMarkup beyon the scope it
was designed for).


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