I'm working on a new file sel widget.

	I'd like to use glob() to let app authors set filename filters.
Currently, there is a bunch custom filename completion code (search for
the "CompletionState" struct in gtkfilesel.c).

	I believe, but am not certain, that the existing "CompletionState"
code does not fully emulate glob().

	I'm worried that people will not consider my widget if I use
glob() because there is no glob() wrapper in glib.


1) Can I just use glob()?  It's really no worse than opendir() and 
getcwd(), which the current widget already calls.  And, it's in POSIX.2.

2) If I can't use glob(), would the Gtk+ team consider adding a glob()
wrapper to glib?

Derek Simkowiak
dereks kd-dev com

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