Re: Broken i18n and the new UI handler.

On  9 Sep, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> a) is mitigated because I am willing to help you if you will take the
> help. I do not want to see a big mess in the menu/toolbar world; I
> want to see ItemFactory and UIInfo deprecated,

 So you really want to see pure Gtk+ applications die? While I think
 component and object orientated programming are nice things (even when
 done in C) I don't want to see every- and nothing beeing CORBAized.
 If I got you right every application will have to link against GNOME
 and bonobo in the future which is a Bad thing(TM) IMHO because additional
 (library) dependencies are a matter we should get rid off.

> and I want to see us
> unconditionally recommend this new API with no caveats. We have every
> opportunity to do this at this point in time.

 I definitely second this.



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