Re: Status of configurable global options (double-click timeout, etc.)?

On 10 Sep 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hi,
> Note that GTK probably will (at least eventually) have some way to set
> object args from an RC file. That's a fine idea. But this is a

 It's nice to hear this.

> separate issue from using a magic global object for something like
> double-click time, which has numerous disadvantages Owen pointed out
> compared to the small config-database API. Including a) can't easily
> proxy to GConf b) all config options have to be set up in one place,
> instead of with the code that uses them c) hard to write GUI tools
> that deal with gtkrc robustly without messing up hand-edited stuff.
> There is no additional power that comes from using the magic global
> object; you can't do anything with object args here you can't do with
> the database API.

 Frankly, I'm not familiar with GConf (will download it tomorrow) so I will be
able to comment on a).

 As for b) It seems b) is very easy solvable problem. 
 There is no need to register all object's arguments in one function, so such
registration could happen in several functions. As for getter/setter functions
- I've already told that we can have a global GHash that should use argument's
name as key and pointer to (or the very) struct with two functions - getter
and setter. The _set_arg and _get_arg functions of that gobject holding global
options will just look up the getter/setter functions in that hash, so
implementation of getter/setter could be done in various files.

 As for c) gnomecc already deals nice with c) IMO - generated .gtkrc includes
.gtkrc-mine at last line thus allowing to override anything. Similar approach
could be used.

 As for DB API - will it be possible to have app-specific values if it's used?
I think it won't, but it would be very easy in gobject args-based approach.
Also, object args-based approach doesn't require gconf to be installed on the
system (so there won't be any problems with windows or BeOS or Mac or QNX port
of gtk).

 Also, I think it would be better to collect a list global options first.

> Havoc

 Thank you for reply. - seems I should put this to my signature :)

 Let's not cc' to each other. I do it for last time.

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