OK, I'm new to this list, so hopefully I'm not going on about a topic
already covered...

Loki Games and TrollTech have an alliance of sorts now (surely many of
you have seen the press release?).  The plan is to allow Qt to use SDL
as a framebuffer device for input and display, which, among other
things, means using Qt inside of an SDL game/application.

Sam Lantinga has stated that he would love to see GTK+ running on SDL in

the same way, as well.

How much porting work would there be to get this going?  Does GTK+
already have a framebuffer 'driver' or no?  If so, this could be easily
ported to SDL, no?  And if so, since SDL runs on many popular platforms,

would this make GTK+ at least readily usable on these platforms as
well?  (yes, I know, it'd force all GTK widgets inside of an SDL window,

but its better than the support GTK+ has for some as these systems as it

is right now, at least from what I've read, which I've found can be
misleading, but _anyways_...)

Personally, I'd much rather run GTK in SDL than Qt.  I only wish I had
the time (and skill, something I'm sure I lack) to help with this...

But, um, ya.  That was question.

Sean Etc.

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