Re: Please give this patch a once-over

[ Changed CC gtk-devel-list instead of gtkdev, since gtkdev no longer
  corresponds very well to the set of people actively working on
  GTK+/GLib ]

Elliot Lee <sopwith redhat com> writes:

> I patched glib to allow using the gcc 'pure' attribute (in gcc >= 2.96,
> like 'const' but allows accessing global variables, so more broadly
> applicable). I'm paranoid about accidentally marking g_malloc as
> G_GNUC_PURE or something, so would like to get someone just to
> sanity-check it before I commit it.

I'm not sure I understand pure enough to really do this job well.
In particular, I don't quite trust the interaction of pure with

As an obvious case, this:

> -gboolean	g_main_is_running	(GMainLoop	*loop);
> +gboolean	g_main_is_running	(GMainLoop	*loop) G_GNUC_PURE;

will shortly be wrong, because the GMainLoop object will have
automatic locking from multiple threads.

(BTW, g_main_pending() is definitely _NOT_ pure.) 

Before we procede with this any, could you show some .S files
where the code generation of reasonable code using glib is
improved by the introduction of pure?


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