Re: g_setenv g_unsetenv

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, George wrote:

> I think this would be useful.  For systems where setenv and unsetenv exist,
> those can be used, and those are sane.  For systems with only putenv, these
> can then be emulated.  There could even be a somewhat complex scheme to
> prevent memory leaks with putenv (such as reallocating the entire environment
> with g_strdup on first call to g_setenv and then g_freeing things when
> overwriting).  Not sure if such a scheme would be worth it and perhaps just
> accepting a leak would be ok on systems with no real setenv.
> I think this should go into glib and I'd be willing to write it.  Now the
> question is, would it be accepted?

i'd love to see portable versions for this.

> George


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