Re: QNX support for glib 1.2.7 --- suggested fixes/patches

Hi Alessandro,

> hi, i just managed to compile glib 1.2.7 under QNX 4.25 (pc arch) with
> watcom C, and asking myself whether you were willing to add support for this
> platform.

If it's possible easily, yes.

> * QNX has no 'ld', alas the linker is 'wlink' (watcom C), so the suggested
> modification to follows:
> ===>8=== ld/wlink patch ===>8===
> dnl check if ld is wlink (QNX)
> AC_CHECK_PROG(LD, wlink, wlink)
> ===>8=== ld/wlink patch ===>8===

Isn't that the job of libtool? I would contact them.

> * QNX has FD_SET in sys/select.h, but configure fails in recognizing it and
> defines
> #define FD_NOT_SET 1 (which is wrong); i think problem lies here (no fd_mask
> in sight
> in sys/select.h but fd_set there):
> # Check if <sys/select.h> needs to be included for fd_set
> AC_MSG_CHECKING([for fd_set])
> AC_TRY_COMPILE([#include <sys/types.h>],
>         [fd_set readMask, writeMask;], gtk_ok=yes, gtk_ok=no)
> if test $gtk_ok = yes; then
>     AC_MSG_RESULT([yes, found in sys/types.h])
> else
> =========>    AC_HEADER_EGREP(fd_mask, sys/select.h, gtk_ok=yes)
> <============================
>     if test $gtk_ok = yes; then
>         AC_MSG_RESULT([yes, found in sys/select.h])
>     else
>     fi
> fi

Ok, that is fixed in CVS HEAD. Could you please try to compile the CVS version
of GLib. Details on

[CC-ed to gtk-devel, as it belongs there.]

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