Re: glib outstanding stuff

George <jirka 5z com> writes: 
> By the way, g_file_test conflicts with the g_file_test in libgnome.  So if we
> don't want to have weird silent bugs from the 2.0 port (because the new
> g_file_test does have different semantics), it should be named differently
> anyway.

They don't have different semantics that I see. I changed around my
enum values so that the GFileTest enum in glib happens to have the
same values as the anonymous enum in libgnome, so we can remove the
g_file_test() function from libgnome but leave in the anonymous enum
(suitably deprecated).
I couldn't come up with any name other than g_file_test() I was happy

Anyway, checked in as g_file_test() for now.

> Also I suppose there should a test for regular file (libgnome:



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