Re: [patch] calling g_malloc & co via a vtable

Hi Havoc,

> > Then set a global flag ("We are in recovery now: return NULL, if no
> > memory can be allocated immediatly") to reflect that. I still don't
> > see why someting, which will never work (I mean the
> > out-of-mem-callback: I've never seen it working and I doubt, I ever
> > will), should make glib bloated.
> >
> This is also for profiling, etc. not just for trying to do memory
> parachutes; I think we can afford a couple of function pointers. ;-)
> Alex is right I think, you can't get the semantics of try_malloc and
> malloc correct if you only have one pointer in the vtable.

I don't think so, but I'm basically exhausted discussing about that. But be
warned: I might get a real satisfaction, when the first problems will occur
and I'll be able to say: Didn't I always say that *evil grin* ;-)

So, do whatever you feel like.


PS.: Did I mention, that I consider this mem allocation function table
     complete nonsense? *duck and run*
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