Re: glib time functions

Robert Brady <robert suse co uk> writes:

> > I'd say ignore it (at least for the time being). Or have a function which we
> > can set for "early" ramadan or "normal" ramadan schedule or "late" ramadan
> > schedule. Then GLib could handle it internally.
> I think it's better to not handle it at all than to handle it which such
> flaws.  Better to press the Authorities to introduce a deterministic
> calendar instead.

This attitude is not very useful.  Imagine if we decided to
discontinue support for broken languages without deterministic,
phonetic spelling.  Oops, there goes English.

We should do the best we can to support Islamic calendars and any
other types of calendars that are in widespread use.  This may be
technically hard, just as supporting languages with complex ligatures
is a hard thing to do (Thai et al).  But we cannot just say "screw
them"; remember that the world is not constrained to your own
particular culture.


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