Re: Gmodule stuff.

Hi Tim,

> > > > #define G_MODULE_SUFFIX ".dll"
> > >
> > > i think having them without the dot would be better.
> >
> > ok. Additionally I like the idea to be able to open libtool .la archives.
> > I'll cook up patch.
> as james mentioned already, BSE does contain code to extract the library
> names from .la files and load that.

Appended is a patch, that does this and a little more. 

First it tries to open the module as named, if that fails, it checks, whether
it is a libtool archive and parses it, if that fails it appends the systems
shared library suffix (i.e. ".so") (if not already found) and tries again and
if that fails it tries to append the ".la" libtool suffix (if not already
found) and parses it. That should make it more flexible (e.g. the preprocessor
games in testgmodule have vanished)

> > The point is: When we leave it in gmodule nobody will ever call it, whereas
> > when it is in the tests subdir (and in TESTS in tests/, it gets
> > called with 'make check'. We could of course add it to TESTS in
> > gmodule/, but that would not give the '5 of 10 tests failed'
> > message in the end, but different messages for the different subdirs. That's
> > why it seems like a good idea to move it to tests..
> i know. however, the main point in testgmodule is to provide simple example
> code. if you think automated test are important for gmodule, i have nothing
> against (auto-)duplicating it in the tests dir, i just want it to not vanish
> from the gmodule subdir.

I'll add a quiet test version to tests/.

Actually an example/ dir would be better for examples as Owen pointed out
already. Oh well.

BTW.: Someone wanted to move all .c and .h files to a glib/ subdir and
      going to have much fun.

Sebastian Wilhelmi
mailto:wilhelmi ira uka de

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