Roadmap for GTK+-2.0 look and feel

There obviously is a lot of interest in this subject, and everybody
has an opinion on it. So, we need a procedure to move from a lot
of opinions to something nice for GTK+-2.0.

The way I want to handle this is:

 - Have a discussion about the "visual language" that we want to use -
   how should radio buttons look; how should the focus be drawn, and
   so forth.

 - Ask for submissions of drawing/mockups that fit that visual

 - Choose 1 submission as the GTK+ default, and 2-3 other submissions
   as official alternates that we package in an updated gtk-engines
   package that we distribute along side GTK+-2.0. Implement them as
   efficiently and cleanly as possible, with discussions with the
   designers where necessary.

I think doing it this in this fashion will ensure that we have
the best possible combination of:

 - Good UI design
 - Consistent artistic vision
 - High quality implementation and integration with the GTK+ core.
Once I get back after the US holiday, I'll send out some mail
listing issues for the first step of the process.


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