Re: GTK+ test suite

Szymon Polom <polom convergence de> writes:

> Hi...
> Owen Taylor wrote:
> > [
> >  This would be best discussed on gtk-devel-list, so I've
> >  set the reply to point to that list.
> > ]
> > 
> > Dermot McCluskey <Dermot McCluskey ireland sun com> writes:
> > 
> > > I work in the Desktop Test Team at Sun.  As you may
> > > know, Sun has joined the GNOME Foundation and is
> > > adopting GNOME as the future desktop for Solaris.
> > >
> > > We are planning to develop a verification test suite
> > > for GTK+.  This test suite could be used to check the
> > > stability of a particular build of GTK+ and to find bugs.
> > > We are currently putting together a team to work on
> > > this project.
> > In particular:
> > 
> >  - What are the details of the license? (The Open Group has a
> >    history of being unable to get its act together on open
> >    license...)
> > 
> >  - What platforms does it run on? I saw mention on the web site
> >    of Win32 and Java...
> Java? Please not. Then they are going to do some stupting testing
> standard and superset it, because they own the java namespace and nobody
> is able to extend that standard. Or you have to licence their VM to be
> compliant or you have to use a test for your VM to be compliant. And so
> on.
> Sun? No thanks.

This is a very unhelpful attitude to take, and not the way I think the
GTK+ community should be responding to people interested in assisting
with GTK+.

Sun is interested in making contributions to the GTK+ project; we will
work with them to make sure that that the work they do aligns with the
goals of GTK+ and is useful for everybody.

As Dermot has responded, the version of TET that they are planning to
use does not use Java, so this turns out not to be an issue at all.


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