I want to help.


I want to help in the development of Glib/GTK+. So far I have done a
lot of programming in the field of numerical simulations and in
writing Kernel-drivers for some very strange physical measuring
devices (all on Linux-Systems). Now I want to help in an Open Source

I looked in the TODO of Glib/GTK+ and found some small projects, on
which I think I could work on. As most of my numerical programms work
with popt, I want to start with the command-line support (if nobody
else has started it yet). But what exactly should be done?
Should I write a g_ish version of popt?

Something like:
typdef struct GOptContext_ GOptContext;
instdead of
typedef struct poptContext_s * poptContext;

GOptContext *g_opt_context_new (whatever);

Should there be some extensions like vectors
foo --vector 0,8,15
(I have already written a quick and dirty version of this)
or something like key-value pairs on command-line
foo bar=baz

Or are there some other very urgent task, which I can do with out
exact knowledge of the complete source-tree?

Juergen Boemmels			boemmels physik uni-kl de
Fachbereich Physik			Tel: ++49-(0)631-205-2817
Universitaet Kaiserslautern		Fax: ++49-(0)631-205-3906
PGP Key fingerprint = 9F 56 54 3D 45 C1 32 6F  23 F6 C7 2F 85 93 DD 47

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