Re: Patch to fix togglebuttons popping up

Tim Janik <> writes: 
> i'm sorry, i still don't understand. first, prelight changes the background
> color, not the shadow, so how's prelighting making the button "pop out"?
> second, i applied the patch and get exactly the same behaviour as before
> (i couldn't tell how the patch would change the prelighting anyways),
> i.e. an active toggle button with mouse entered is drawn with a prelight
> background and a SHADOW_IN frame.

I didn't actually look at the patch, I've just seen the problem myself
- if you run testgtk and look at the toggle button test, it sure looks
to me like the prelight pops the buttons out. If I look at the code,
it looks like that's a SHADOW_IN frame getting drawn, but the result
doesn't look like it's pressed in, it looks popped out.

> an argument could be made for mouse entered active toggles to draw their
> background with NORMAL instead of prelight, since NORMAL is about as lighter
> than ACTIVE as PRELIGHT is lighter than NORMAL for non-active toggles,
> but the patch does not make an attempt at changing that.

Perhaps that would fix it.


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