Re: gdk-pixbuf-save

"David N. Welton" <> writes:

> On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 08:27:08PM +0200, David N. Welton wrote:
> > > Here is a newer version. There is an awful lot of fluff for the
> > > amount of code - I would be very happy if it were put in
> > > gdk-pixbuf.
> > > New version at:
> > Another version there... The build stuff isn't %100 because I don't
> > know enough about autoconf/make to have it work nicely.
> Is anyone else actually interested in this?  As it is not my goal to
> become a long term maintainer of this code, and the gdk-pixbuf authors
> demonstrate next to no interest in it, it seems as if passing to
> something with some developer support behind it, such as Imlib2, might
> be a logical decision, for anyone who wishes to save images.
> Or is there another way to get this code into gdk/gtk/whatever, so
> that programs which use it may have some faint hope of having it be
> available?
> It's crazy to have all this hassle over what amounts to around 600
> lines of C code.

 - Most people associated with gdk-pixbuf would like to see it have 
   simple save capabilities. That may or may not include Federico,
   the maintainer.

   Until gdk-pixbuf is distributed with GTK+, I'm not too inclined to
   beat Federico over the head on the matter. (Especially since he
   can beat me over the head back harder for things I'm behind on
   on gdk-pixbuf.)

 - You should consider the first API of gdk-pixbuf to be pretty much locked
   in now, so this is unlikely to get in before the next major release -
   which will presumably be the release with GTK+-1.4

 - You need to provide a patch against gdk-pixbuf for us to be able to
   evaluate the patch. A little library that just links against
   gdk-pixbuf is not close enough to a final patch to meaningfully
   comment on, since there shouldn't be separate modules for saving,
   in my opinion.


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