Re: gtk+ compile problems...

Thus spake Tim Janik:
> On Thu, 18 May 2000, Nils Barth wrote:
> > Hi-
> > Sorry to bother, but I'm having trouble building gtk+.
> > I checked out the latest glib and gtk+, and glib compiles fine, while
> > gtk+ dies with error:
> odd, your gtk is obviously not linking against
> does this work for you:
> $ glib-config --version
> 1.3.1

Aha! Here's the problem.
I'm not installing Glib 1.3; I have Glib 1.2.7 installed, and I
compiled but DON'T install Glib 1.3, then configure GTk+ 1.3 with:
~/work/software/gtk+$ ./ --with-glib=../glib
and then `make'.
This worked fine until the beginning of May (about), then died.
I see now that
``Using an uninstalled copy of GLIB [ Unsupported ]''
is                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(in gtk+/INSTALL) ... and now broken I should prolly install Glib 1.3?
I'm just a little worried about system stability -- can I use
--prefix and --exec-prefix to put Glib 1.3 somewhere different from
Glib 1.2?
How do I do this/what do I need to be aware of so I don't hose my system?


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