GUI regression test tool.


	After a brief hack, I have produced an ultra nasty start to a Gtk
GUI regression testing tool. It turns out that a tool of this sort is
vital to provide a level of validation good enough for many software 

	Anyhow, it is based on a bastardized version of Owen's lovely
memprof tool, and works in an extremely rudimentary fashion.

	Source can be found at:

	The widget naming heuristics need drasticaly improving, an XML
test serialization module needs adding, the methodology needs solidifying
extremely seriously, and all in all it is a useless toy thing that I am
unhappy with.

	However, I would appreciate feedback before I go massively wrong,
or create a scheme that will not work. With LD_PRELOAD it would be
possible to instrument a far greater API chunk.

	Any comments much appreciated,



--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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