correction: Three more functions for GTree

From: Darin Adler []
> > Sorry, I forgot the diff...
> > It's created against glib in the cvs, using "cvs diff glib".
> > ( Is this the correct way of creating a diff? )
> You should use the -u option when making diffs for posting or patch
> purposes.

Oh, sorry!
Forget the first diff.
This is created with "cvs diff -u glib"

> Even if the maintainers take it into glib, it will be a while before you
> have a release with your additions. So whether they add the calls to glib
> not, you'll need them in your library at least for a while. Give them
> that are not in glib's reserved namespace so there's no conflict if they
> added to glib later.

That is okay to me.
I only need to call these functions from whitin a very limited part of

// Liss


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