Re: GdkColormap -> GObject

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Karl Nelson wrote:

> Not being able to derive Gdk types will likely be okay because,
> quite frankly hooking into gdk vfuncs would be very hard to do
> without proper exposure of internals in window structures.  
> However, I think placing a hack just to rule it out is gross.
> It is very hard to predict what the user will want to do.
> ( My current plan is to wrap all gdk types without virtuals using
> a second system.  However, I don't want to rule out the possibility
> that some gdk types will need to derive.)
> As for possible remedies I suggest only considering them if they
> don't cause performance hits.  If some virtual is really only derived
> for windowing system and wrappers can't implement new windowing system
> then it is likely okay.  Hopefully, we can accomplish what we need 
> with a data element with a destroy function.   

urg, remeber that GObject comes with quarked data out of the box.

> --Karl


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