GtkColorSelection updates

Hello! Had a couple of busy weekends, but I didn't forget about the other
things you (Owen) mentioned regarding the GtkColorSelection code. I went
ahead and made the changes you suggested, and have them all whipped up
into a new patch here. 

First, a brief recap of what changed from the version of GtkColorSelection
that is currently in CVS: 

* The structures and functions are renamed from ...selection2... to
* Moved gtk-color-selection2.c,h to gtkcolorsel.c,h
* Fixed a bug where the HSV wheel wasn't drawing right (in gtkhsv.c)
* Added GtkColorSelectionDialog. It has now been put into it's own pair of
files, gtkcolorseldialog.h,c.
* Updated docs/Changes-1.4.txt to reflect this. 
* Made the color palette not display by default (doesn't seem to make
sense to do this by default).
* Ditto for opacity. 
* Removed the frame from around the GtkColorSelection in the
GtkColorSelectionDialog and instead made GtkColorSelectionDialog a derived
class of GtkDialog (Suggestion from Havoc). 
* Removed the gnome-colorsel test program stuff.
* Made the GtkColorSelectionDialog window not be resizable. 
* Updated gtk/ to place gtkcolorseldialog.h in the public
headers, gtkcolorseldialog.c in the sources, gtkhsv.c in the sources
(gtkhsv.h is not in the public headers). 
* Updated gtk/gtk.h to include gtkcolorseldialog.h 

Here is what's different since the last patch (aimed at Owen's comments):

* Made the copyright be to Red Hat, Inc., and not J. Arthur Random. 
* Changed the opacity to a slider and added an entry to the right, as in
the current GtkColorSelection. This involved widening up the rest of the
dialog by making the custom palette entries a few pixels larger, and
putting more space between the top two columns of spinbuttons. 
* Made it so that if you click on the dropper button, the cursor becomes a
dropper, and once you click the dropper, you can slide it around and get
feedback until you release, at which point it reverts to your regular
cursor. Previously, pressing the button and sliding the mouse around would
give you this behavior, but clicking the button and then clicking the
dropper somewhere wouldn't let you slide it around. 

I've gotten it to the point where I can't find any more problems with it
(I know I said that last time, and I ended up not noticing the problem
with the dropper button at all, but I'm just letting you know that I've
been banging on it for a while now and heck if I can make it do
something wrong). 

Here's how I'm giving the code. It's a lot of changes, and some files
added that aren't in CVS, so here's how to do it. In the tar.gz attached,
I have a patch that updates all the files currently in CVS (gtk.h,
gtkcolorsel.c,h,, Changes-1.4.txt). gtkcolorsel.h,c are
pretty much total rewrites. Might be kinda hard to read them in the
patch format. For the files that aren't in CVS, I've just put them into
the tar.gz. They are gtkhsv.c,h, gtkcolorseldialog.c,h. They'd need to be
checked in. 

Once again, I hope ya'll find this pleasant, 
   David :) 

PS - A week or two ago I sent a second patch for
gtk_window_set_user_resizable() that fixed Havoc's issues with the first
one. Has anyone had a chance to take a looksee at it? Should I resend
it? Thanks! 



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