Re: gdk-pixbuf merge

> >  Some remaining issues are:
> > 
> > 	- The last_unref handler mechanism needs to be improved as per
> >           Tim's suggestions.  GdkPixbufAnimation needs to have the
> >           same mechanism.
> > 
> This looks trivial.

My humble opinion is that this has gone beyond abstraction, and beyond
bloatedness for the sake of hiding the "refcount".  I am sorry, but
this seems pretty stupid to me.  Lets just put the ref_count back into
the public structure and get this over with.

Not only we are not pleasing people, but we are wasting time on
figuring a perfect API that Tim explains, Federico re-implements, and
then the result is not what anybody required.  And the release of
GNOME 1.2 is just delayed because of this obvious breakage that will
happen if we keep changing these APIs.

Besides, the user is exposed to the fact that the structure is
reference counted.  Because "ref" and "unref" do not provide you with
fresh copies of an existing image, but just a reference to it.  

It seems like we are just pretending something we are not.  Can we get
over with this abstraction love now?

Get this moved to a GtkObject or something, but lets get over this
soon, please.


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