Re: Should there be a way to leave the separator out of a GtkDialog?

> > 	3) should there be a way to construct a dialog box without that
> > 	   separator?
> There's no reason for this to be programmer-configurable IMO. It's
> ctree_set_expander_style()-syndrome (named after the most blatant
> example of the problem) - there is simply no good reason for a
> programmer to ever set the CTree expander style,

Other than "providing a way in the UI of the application to set it is
the only way to let the user set it", that is.  I may just be missing
it, but I don't see any obvious way of setting it in, say, a .gtkrc
file, at least in GTK+ 1.2.7.

Whether lines are drawn in a GtkCTree, however, may not just be a
user-preference value - in Ethereal, for example, I'd want no lines in
the tree for the dissection of a packet, but would want them if, as, and
when we have a GUI for constructing capture or display filter
expressions.  (At least as a user, I don't think of the packet
dissection as a tree, even though, as a developer, I write code to
construct it as a tree.)

In the case of the separator, though, I agree that it's a
user-preference issue, and that it's the sort of thing that a theme
should configure (e.g., a Windows style would presumably leave it out,
as I've not seen it in Windows dialog boxes; a Motif style would put it
in, and I suspect a KDE style would leave it out, as I've not seen it in
KDE dialog boxes either).

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