Re: Additional glib function thoughts.

David Wheeler wrote:
> I have a few thoughts on new glib functionality:
> 1. There needs to be more control over out-of-memory (OOM) situations.
>    The docs say "If any call to allocate memory fails,
>    the application is terminated."  This is terrible; sometimes an application
>    will want more control over out-of-memory (e.g., try something else,
>    drop that request but continue processing, undo some actions, etc.),
>    and language binding implementors may need one to handle OOM correctly.
>    At the least, a way to "hook" in a function to be called on OOM situation
>    (like C++) would be something.  Has anyone tried this?  Suggestions?

I think was resolved a few months ago with agreement (?) to add an
out-of-memory handler function.


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