Re: GtkSpinButton Patch

On May 2,  4:23pm, Nils Barth wrote:
> Subject: Re: GtkSpinButton Patch

>>>Side note: kernel-traffic's latest issue had a note on a possible
>>>problem with a simple MAX a la GLib, namely that it evaluates
>>>functions twice, which can be bad for some functions (say, if they
>>>return different values on repeated calls). Someone suggested
>>>replacing it with a dummy variable assignment, then
>>>comparing/assigning with those variables. This might also be a bit
>>>The exact code was (for MIN):
>>>#define min(x, y) ({typeof (x) x_ = (x); \
>>>                    typeof (y) y_ = (y); \
>>>                    x_ < y_ ? x_ : y_;})

Problem is, "typeof" is a GNU gcc extension.
That's not a problem for the Linux kernel; they _specifically_
require GNU gcc, and are even very picky about compiler versions.

If you want GTK+ to run compile using compilers other than gcc,
you'll have to avoid "typeof".


--- David A. Wheeler

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