Re: Glib proposal: add strlcpy and strlcat to glib

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, David Wheeler wrote:

> Greetings.  I proposing adding the "strlcpy" and "strlcat" functions to
> the glib "String Utility Functions" as functions "g_strlcpy" and "g_strlcat".

> Havoc Pennington said:
> > I guess the real question is whether we want strcpy and strcat in
> > addition to the versions that return new memory. If we want those,
> > then the NUL-terminating versions are more consistent with standard
> > glib behavior.
> I would argue "yes" for the first point: fixed-buffer versions would be useful.
> I interpret the second sentence as saying that strlcpy/strlcat would be
> more consistent with glib, if glib is to include this kind of functionality
> (if I'm misinterpreting, my apologies, please explain).
> Any strong objections to including strlcpy/strlcat in glib?

providing wrappers for standard libc (BSD and solaris 8 i consider standard
enough) functions for portability reasons is definitely within the scope of
GLib. i'm very likely to apply a patch with reasonable implementation held
in usual GLib style to CVS HEAD.


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