Re: CList and Gdk events

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Paolo Molaro wrote:

> Hi.
> Tracking down a bug report for gtk-perl I found that GtkCList
> misbehaves regarding GdkEvents.
> In order to support autoscrolling (ie scrolling the list holding
> down a mouse button and moving), it installs a timeout handler
> and synthetises a motion event without filling in all the needed
> fields.
> The attached patch fixes the problem in an obvious manner, but I guees 
> the proper fix would be to actually copy and store the event itself
> instead of generating one later. I will provide an updated patch if 
> there is consensus.
> Probably there should be some documentation about invariants for
> GdkEvents (for example motion events must have the window field set),
> or any place that synthetises events should be carefully checked.

looks ok to me, please apply to both trees.

> lupus


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