2 Mac-like questions

Two questions on Mac-like features in GTK.

(1) Global menubar
    I'm interested in a Mac-like menu bar -- the UI hit squad remarked
    that this should be a GNOME panel applet. If I'm interested in
    helping with this, to whom should I talk?
    Also, can this currently be done with GTK? What is needed in GTK?
    (a way to find out the menubar of the latest focused GTK application?)

(2) Macs make widgets in unfocused applications be painted in the
    INACTIVE state -- is there any way of doing this currently in GTK
    apps? Could one add a toggle to GNOME Control Center theme
    selector/gtkrc for this?
(note -- the rationale behind this is it makes unfocused apps look
REALLY unfocused, and less distracting, though not everyone likes this)

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