Re: GtkWidgetFactory

Stephen White <> writes:

> Umm, I've written a GtkWidgetFactory "widget" that I've developed enough to
> be useful for my own uses. The widget configuration looks like ItemFactory,
> and the widgets are accessed like libglade.


> Does this widget sound useful to anyone else? It's so small and simple, I
> feel silly offering this, but it is surprisingly useful (to me anyway).
> It'd fit into the Gtk+ library with no trouble.

It looks neat, but I personally would not really want it in GTK+
... basically, we don't need more different ways of creating widget
structures. I think direct function calls + gtk_widget_new()
is enough different styles for GTK+ itself.

For people who want more, I generally would want to promote libglade
instead of introducing something in GTK+. (I'm not saying that libglade
will be everybody's favorite solution, but I don't want to
confuse things by having something else standard in GTK+.)


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