Re: ScrolledWindow shadow type

Tim Janik <> writes:

> On 21 Jul 2000, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > 
> > Currently, it is not possible to put a frame around a widget in a
> > GtkScrolledWindow, (such as a GnomeCanvas or GtkLayout), because the
> > scrollable widget must be the immediate child of the scrolled window.
> > 
> > The following patch adds gtk_scrolled_window_get_shadow_type().
> > 
> > The effect is similar to the Federico's gtkscrollframe in EOG,
> > but done from scratch.
> > 
> > I'll commit this later today assuming no objections.
> this looks fine to me. i'm just reminded of the question, of whether
> we shouldn't introduce the shadow argument at the GtkWidget class, as
> more and more widgets use a shadow type.


 Could be done with scrolled_window_set_shadow_type() now

So, we have something like 7 widgets out of 80 that would do anything
m in response to the argument being set. While that's a fair number,
and it's annoying to have the shadow_type argument code duplicated, it
would worry me to add it when it would do nothing for most widgets.

(I know what the most common Glade and GLE FAQ would be if we did
that ... "I just set the shadow type on a GtkVBox and it didn't

And I certainly don't want to go in and make VBox actually draw a
shadow. That's what GtkFrame is there for.


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