Re: glib memory checking

Tim Janik <> said:
>however, one of the proposals was to enable setting of a malloc fuctions
>VTable to fully virtualize glib's allocator functions.
>we'll probably end up with that vtable approach, since that's the
>only way to cover up for the different needs of various developers

I'd like to see something like this.  I'm particularly interested in
writing security-sensitive programs, and I'd like to use a number of
the glib routines in such programs.  glib's inability to handle
failed allocations inside many routines makes it impossible to use many of
the glib routines, and that's unfortunate.  Havoc Pennington mentioned that
the inability to handle out-of-memory results in the GNOME Panel immediately
crashing on out-of-memory. The fact that it's "controlled crash" doesn't
help the naive user at all; it looks more like a "controlled flight
into terrain" to them.


--- David A. Wheeler

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