Re: tri-state button

Jörgen Sigvardsson wrote:
> Hello!
> I have written a simple tristate button class for personal purposes. Is
> this
> something the GTK+-community would want? If so, I'll gladly share my
> code :)
> It inherits from GtkButton and implements something similar to
> microsnots tristate-buttons. It is however more general in that it's not
> a "checkbox variant".
> It manages three states (YES, NO and MAYBE ;-). Each state can have a
> user defined
> widget associated or it can use the default widgets (labels "YES", "NO"
> and "MAYBE").

Can you post a screenshot? I could use a tristate button for my Linux
kernel config frontend... 'yes', 'module', and 'no' are frequent choices
there ;)


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