Re: Bonobo requires a new toolbar widget.

Nat Friedman <> writes:

> Havoc Pennington writes:
>  > 
>  > 
>  > We need to take seriously the issue of making this go away over the
>  > long term. Sometimes it's impossible because GTK doesn't have all the
>  > GNOME facilities, but in this case it shouldn't be a problem. (The
>  > only gross thing will be the inability to have a pixbuf API, but I
>  > think very eventually, though perhaps not in 1.4, GTK needs an RGB
>  > buffer datatype like GdkPixbuf - Qt has QImage here.)
>     I think it would be nice to have this new toolbar have panel-like
> AA icons.  We need GdkPixbuf for this, no?  This is kind of a
> limitation, in terms of getting the widget into Gtk.  Unless it is
> implemented as an add-on.

Well, the gnome-libs-2.0 hackers here seem to have AA icons already
working with GtkToolbar... so it seems like you should be able
to solve this problem for your new toolbar.

I agree with Havoc 100%, a GnomeBonoboToolbar that is distinct from
a fixed GtkToolbar would be a favor to no-one.


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