Open GTK+ bugs

The following is a list of the current open bugs at severity 
normal or grave in the GTK+ bug tracker. If anybody wants to
help out with these, it would appreciated. Things you can
do to help:

 - Come up with fixes for problems in the first category
   that don't already have obvious patches. (I'll try 
   to apply all the obvious patches myself.)

 - Come up with fixes for problems in the second category

 - Track down bugs in the fourth category, figure out what
   is going on with them, close the bugs if appropriate, 
   otherwise come up with patches to fix the problems.

I'll try to make up a similar list of patches on


Reproduced, should be fixed in GTK+ 1.2.x

#424: key event problem in menus
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Laszlo Molnar <>; 168 days old. 

#988: gtk+ example/selection/setselection.c broken, no gtk_selection_add_handler
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: "Clark E. Dorman" <>; 127 days old. 

  Needs an update to the tutorial.

#1408: gtk1.2.3: entry-widget: when widget gets disabled, selection is not removed
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Sebastian Rittau <>; 73 days old. 

 A bit hard to fix -- since there is no notification when the
 sensitivity changes, just when the state changes.

#1923: Handlebox doesn't work when parent window is hidden/minimized/iconified
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Kuba Winnicki <>. 

 Quite hard to fix. This has to do with us making a grab on
 the ghost instead of on the float.

#1579: Setting Gtk widget insensitive can lock GUI
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Dave Cole <>; 50 days old. 

#1704: problem pasting \r characters
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: David Cougle <>; 35 days old. 

 Not really a fixable problem - \r characters not allowed in
 STRING or COMPOUND text, but a partial workaround is possible

#2051: gtkclist crash in resync_selection
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: "T. Alexander Popiel" <>; merged with #2677, #5487

 Nice bug report.

       #2677: clist widget problem (Other Crash at
       Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; merged with #2051, #5487; 106 days old. 

       #5487: CTree/CList seg fault in resync_selection
       Subject: gtk+; Reported by: David Helder <>; merged with #2051, #2677. 

#2187: text in GtkText cannot be read when it is set insensitive.
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 133 days old. 

 Just some tweaks to the default style colors, I think.

#2686: unable to select entry widget if widget is in a list widget
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Sky <>; 106 days old. 
 Simple fix should be OK, though there are a lot of other places in
 GTK+ where the return values from event handling functions are also
 not correct.

#2443: [patch] bug in scrolled-windows-example in testgtk
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Frank Loemker <floemker@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>; 119 days old. 

 The patch in here isn't right (the "Remove" button was testing somethign
 differnet than was guessed.) But it would be nice to fix up the test.
 Just removing the "Remove" button may well be appropriate.

#2569: gtk_progress bug
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Ronen Tzur <>; 112 days old.

 The proposed change looks fine to me.

#2956: Sometimes too much space is allocated for GtkScale value
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Steve Ratcliffe <>; 96 days old.

 Straightforward patch looks good to apply.

#3678: SEGV crash in file selection dialog
Subject: gtk+; Severity: grave; Reported by: Steve Ratcliffe <>; 67 days old. 

 Excellent instructions for reproducing the problem.

#3736: single ALT_L or ALT_R is acceptable as accelerator for menuitem
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Vlad Harchev <>; 64 days old. 

 Should be straightforward to fix.

#4283: gtk_drag_begin() won't accept a null argument for the event argument.
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 45 days old. 

#4524: [hurd] use of MAXPATHLEN
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Marcus Brinkmann <>; 39 days old.
 Not particularly important if we allow arbitrary lengths, but we should
 deal with MAXPATHLEN not being defined a bit better, since we don't
 really care if it is defined or not, we seem to use MAXPATHLEN just
 for initial buffer sizes.

#4754: gtk_entry doesn't allow to see the last character being typed
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Antonio Campos <>; 29 days old. 

 Occurs when text is longer than entry.

Reproduced, either not worth fixing in 1.2.x, or will need
to wait for 1.3

#536: apparent bug in gtk_widget_reparent
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 165 days old. 

#544: entry widget min width too high
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: (Bill Skaggs); 165 days old. 

#1261: Table expansion is a little strange.
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 98 days old. 

#1142: Problem solved compiling gtk+ 1.2.2 on Linux-PPC
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Peter Handel <>; 116 days old. 
  PPC header breakage?

#1711: GTK+ menus bigger than screen can't be fully accessed.
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Vasco Alexandre Da Silva Costa <>; 34 days old. 

       #2151: [gimp-bug] Filetype list not completely visible
       Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; merged with #1711, #5502; 135 days old. 

       #5502: Menu ends off the edge of the screen. Still.
       Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Telsa Gwynne <>; merged with #1711, #2151. 

#1874: Queue draw grows without bound
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Owen Taylor <>; 10 days old. 

#1887: Too many stat() calls from gtk_file_selection_set_filename
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Warren Jones <>; 8 days old. 
 GtkFileSelection would pretty much have to be rewritten to
 fix this.

#2372: Foreign pixmaps unconditionally destroyed
Subject: Gtk+; Reported by: Miguel de Icaza <>; 123 days old. 

  Changing the behavior in 1.2.x could cause leaks in funcitoning programs

#3123: Gimp text tool: ignoring font size (fwd)
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Aaron Sherman <>; 90 days old. 

  Minor UI bug, but looks like it would be a bit of a pain to fix - would
  require syncing the font from the entry any time somebody does an
  enquiry on the state of the widget.

#4858: gtk+/1.2.6 po/ doesn't use $(DESTDIR)
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Love <>; 25 days old. 

  The file comes from gettext.

More Info requested from reporter, no response yet

#684: localised messages in gtk+ are longer than widget
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Stanislav Brabec <>; merged with #1530; 157 days old. 
	#1530: Off-center translated strings
	Subject: gtk+; Reported by: =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Miha_Tom=B9i=E8?= <>; merged with #684; 58 days old.
#1342: GTK dgettext Error (with gettext installed ;)
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 84 days old. 

  configure script doesn't fail properly on not finding dgettext.
  It could either be system configuration problems (multiple
  libintls) or a configur eproblem.

#1498: core dump when using purify
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Daniel Bergstrom <>; 64 days old. 

#1526: Segmentation fault on all examples on AIX 4.3
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: chun fong <>; 59 days old. 

#1563: gtk+-1.2.3 installer bug
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 54 days old. 

 Almost certainly user error.

#1580: Compile errors on HP-UX 11
     Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Richard Allen <>; 63 days old

 Some weirdness with HP/UX awk

#1657: Error while making GTK on IRIX: the make breaks with fatal error: internal error when running tawk maketypes.awk at line 77.
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 41 days old. 

 Segfault in gawk on IRIX?

#1983: mouse up event probs(OSF1, SCO's XVision)
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Bernhard Reiter <>; 9 days old. 

 Weird stuck grabs. X Server bug?

#2004: testdnd on OSF1 segfaults
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Bernhard Reiter <>; 7 days old. 

 backtrace without enough symbols to tell what is going on.

#4017: Gtk-1.2.6 crawlingly slow on PC-SOLARIS, memory leak suspected
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Harald Wagener <>; 52 days old.

 No real useful information about the problem provided.

Bugs with unclear status or not yet classified

#379: Problem with making shared libraries
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Marc Baudoin <>; 171 days old. 

#460: compiling GTK+ 1.2.0 under AIX 4.3.2
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Greg Wooledge <>; 168 days old. 

#549: segfault under efence
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 164 days old. 

#567: Warnings when compiling gtk+ on Digital UNIX 4.0d
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Sascha Brawer <>; 163 days old. 

#655: gtk+ fails to compile
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Sean McNeil <>; 158 days old. 

  1.3 bug report; "gtkconfig.h" and missing -I

#810: gnome-libs gdk error on Alpha OSF1 4.0d
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Jeremy Sanders <>; 301 days old. 

  Might have something to do with syncing/not-syncinc with X before
  destroying shm segment

#919: Missing text from buttons
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: "John David Anglin" <>; 133 days old. 

  Text missing with X11R5. Is this a gdk_mbswcs problem?

#1087: GTK+ 1.2.2 - AIX 4.3.2 core dump
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Greg Wooledge <>; 120 days old. 

  Might be the same as 1526?

#1165: GTK+: Scrolled window: set new adjustments doesn't inform X server
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Ewen McNeill <>; 112 days old. 

#1183: GTK+: a) SIGSEGV b) windows do not come up
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: "Andreas Schneider" <>; 107 days old. 

  Bad interactions with kwm?
#1244: Bug in clist makes examples clist core dump
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Olof S Kylander <>; 100 days old. 

  Error not apparent from backtrace.

#1290: gtk+ theme paths on IRIX
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: David Kaelbling <>; 93 days old. 

 Wants per-abi theme directories. Should just use separate exec

#1302: gtk bug with labels
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 91 days old. 

 Seems to be a combination of two things.
  a) not understanding how gtk_label_set_justify() works
  b) broken iswspace()

#1419: GtkCList spurious select_row problem
Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 72 days old.

       #3713: doubleclicking on selected GtkCList rows emits 'select-row' again
       Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Vlad Harchev <>; 65 days old. 

#1649: zvt ignores CTRL on IRIX
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: David Kaelbling <>; 200 days old.
  Probably needs to be filed back to zvt; I don't think zvt should be
  depending on the translations of Ctrl-key being the actual control
  characters. But needs some looking at the X docs.
#1655: Purify log of uninitialized memory read's in gtk+
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Daniel Bergstrom <>; 41 days old. 

 Very long. Some of the stuff here looks like it might be
 relevant, other of the stuff is probably because purify is
 not handling bitfields. (g_new0() would clear those reports)

#1795: GtkText scroll_down() core dumped
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Minero Aoki <>; 20 days old. 

#2219: Gtk "make dist" bug
Subject: Gtk+; Reported by: Peter Wainwright <>; 132 days old. 

#2245: Spin Desk-guide spin buttons in property box do not to the Enter key properly
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Ettore Perazzoli <>; 131 days old.

  I don't understand why this is different from the typical behavior of entries.

#2365: Semi-random XIM-related segfault
Subject: gtk+; Severity: grave; Reported by: Miguel de Icaza <>; 124 days old. 

  An odd interaction between window manager, XIM and something else.

#2396: no "+" mark with GtkTreeItem
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Minero Aoki <>; 121 days old. 

#2432: Core dump when selecting items in GtkTree
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Justin Yu <>; 120 days old. 

#2598: Gtk+1.2.5 out of bounds hash key in gtk_type_create() and SEGV results
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: melmore <>; merged with #1502, #2556; 111 days old. 

       #1502: gtk+ Core Dump
       Subject: gtk+; Reported by:; 63 days old. 

       #2556: Segmentation Faults
       Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Lars Christensen <>; merged with #1502, #2598; 113 days old. 

#3125: wrong default string comparsion function
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: NAGY Andras <>; 90 days old. 

  Complaint is we should use strcol() instead of strcmp() as the default
  compare function. I'm not sure if I trust the stability of locale stuff
  on all platforms to blindly make the change (it can't be done in
  1.2 in any case.) - and it is only the _default_ comparison function.

#3254: A button causes a bus error on GTK+.
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Yoshihisa Sugimoto <>; 85 days old.

  Need to ask for a debugger backtrace.

#3322: GTK+ gives wrong pointer when used with aewm 
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Michael Deutschmann <>; 80 days old.

  Not hard to fix (just have to set a cursor for toplevel windows). BUt all
  other window managers now set the cursor for the frames, so I'm not sure
  if it is a good idea to change it or not. Plus, we'd have to decide
  on one of the arrows...

#4485: Slowlyness with GtkText
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: Raul Dias <>; 40 days old. 

  Mysterious problem. Probably need to write back to the submitter and tell
  them that they need to track this one down themself - it isn't reproducable
  as far as I've seen.

#4976: GTK+1.2.6 works on AIX 4.3.3
Subject: GTK+; Reported by: chun fong <>; 20 days old. 

#4566: GTK 1.2.6 segmentation fault on AIX 4.3
Subject: gtk+; Reported by: chun fong <>; 37 days old. 

  Need an AIX FAQ. The configuration flags in the latter are not all
  necessary or correct.

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