Re: Second draft (was Re: defs files)

On 19 Jan 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> - argument becomes "object-argument" or "parameter"

i'd rather not see "parameter" taken, since that may become the name of a
new mechanism in 1.4.

On 19 Jan 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Karl Nelson <> writes: 
> > Shouldn't the signal have the c-name of emitting function if 
> > the signal is publically callable.  Having a signal
> > and the emit definitions separate means the relationship
> > is weak.  Since we prefer calls to be made to the emitting
> > function rather then directly with gtk_signal_emit, because
> > extra checking is done in the emit function.  
> > 
> > Defining them separately seems bad.  
> Indeed, this is another thing I can't autogenerate though.
> Can I propose a /*< emits signalname >*/ magic comment to go on the
> line preceding any function that emits a signal? this could go in the
> 1.2.x branch in CVS (even if a 1.2.7 is never released we can use the
> CVS code for defs-generation).
> I think the magic comments are the thing to add whenever we can't
> autogenerate stuff. 

for one, i don't particularly understand why you need to know what signals
get emitted by a certain function (there might be a bunch involved like with
apart from that, there's a convention on how pure emission functions
are named, e.g. for GtkCList::selection-changed, you'd do:

GtkCList -> gtk_clist (like does it)
selection-changed -> selection_changed 
and then you simply concatenate gtk_clist _ selection_changed, and figure
whether that function is exported.

another thing i noted:

> (object-argument arg-name
>    (of-object object-we-are-an-argument-of optional-objects-module)
>    (type argument-type)       ;; not sure what to put for type
>    ;; flags all default to #f
>    (readable bool-value)
>    (writeable bool-value)
>    (run-action bool-value)
>    (construct-only bool-value))

what is "run-action" meant to indicate?

> s/gint/gboolean/ changes also need to go in to make autogeneration
> easier.
> Example of the magic emits comment:
> /*< emits clicked >*/
> void gtk_button_clicked(GtkButton* button);
> OK that was probably clear without an example. :-)
> Havoc


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