Re: Second draft (was Re: defs files)

> === 
> (signal signal-name
>   (of-object object-we-are-a-signal-of optional-objects-module)
>   ;; return value and parameters as for a function, omitting the object
>   ;; and user data parameters
>   ;; what other properties matter for a signal?
> )
> Ex:
>   (signal select_row
>      (of-object CList (Gtk))
>      ;; return type defaults to void
>      (parameter (type-and-name gint row))
>      (parameter (type-and-name gint column))
>      (parameter (type-and-name GdkEvent* event)))
> ===

Shouldn't the signal have the c-name of emitting function if 
the signal is publically callable.  Having a signal
and the emit definitions separate means the relationship
is weak.  Since we prefer calls to be made to the emitting
function rather then directly with gtk_signal_emit, because
extra checking is done in the emit function.  

Defining them separately seems bad.  

(Okay, gtk-- is the place that makes the most use out of wrapping
the signals, and the c-function name is one of the primary requirements.
We consider signals to just be extensions of functions.)


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