GTK+ for Windows 16-Bit available for download

Dear Developers,

as the programmer who actually did the work for the german Arktos GmbH I'm proud to announce the location of the free
download for GTK/GLIB/GDK version Arktos has developed for internal
purposes with several weeks effort.

GTK16 is a modified version of the WIN32-Port of GTK done by Tor
Lillqvist from 28. august 1999. The download archive contains
all sourcecode and is licensed unter the LGPL.  The binaries consist of
two DLLs, one for GTK and GLIB and one for GTK. To compile the GTK
source code you need Borland C++ 5.02 and Windows NT(9x?). I think for
just application development other 16-Bit compilers should work as well.
Binaries have proven to work with Windows 3.1, WfW 3.11, Windows 95,
Windows 98 and Windows NT (Hey, I never checked with WINE ;-) ).

Our intention was to become able to use one Source Code of an
application to create X-Windows, WIN32 and old Windows 3.1 executables.
Windows 3.1 is somewhat limited in features (not even pipes!), but for
more GUI-oriented Development the GTK/16 is perfectly well suited to
achieve this goal. GLIB/16 is a nice library even for Windows-Only

Many changes needed to be done to the GLIB and GDK portions of GTK for
WIN32. The GTK portion itself is nearly untouched with the exception of
some statements to cut the compiler output for huge files such as
gtkwidget.c into several code segments.

Many changes introduced into the Source code of GTK/16 might be valuable
for GTK for WIN32 as well. For example it works with the standard VGA
screen driver sometimes still today used on Windows NT server machines.

I'd like to thank especially Tor Lillqvist not only for porting GTK to
WIN32, but also for supporting our work per eMail.

The download location is:

I'd recommend to address questions directly to my personal eMail address
instead of

Thanks to all developers developing free software.

Yours sincerely

    Bernd Herd


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