GtkPaned vs. GtkBox


i've been accustomed to use GtkPaneds instead of GtkBoxes wherever
possible. there are two things which i'd like to remark: 

a) wouldn't it make sense to implement GtkPaneds in a way that makes it
possible to add elements at will instead of just two? i'm working around
this by nesting multiple paneds with each other but it seems suboptimal
in a way. 

b) the settings of GtkBoxes are a bit more flexible in that they provide
means to set filling and padding; i found no simple way to tell the
elements contained in GtkPaneds to take up all the remaining space or
otherwise behave like elements of a GtkBox

could someone comment on whether it would make sense to reimplement
GtkPaned as being derived from GtkBox? 

sorry for asking stupid questions, i just found it to be an obvious
design flaw and couldn't resist posting ;)


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