Outstanding GTK+ patches

Here is the (embarrassingly long) list of outstanding patches
on gtk.org. I've roughly classed them by effort they take
to be applied and whether I think they should be applied. 
The notes below were written rather quickly, so I apologize
if they are cryptic in places. If you want more details on
any of the notes below, let me know.

I'm posting this here partly as a reference for myself and
the other core GTK+ developers, and partly so that those who
have submitted patches don't feel that there patches have
been completely forgotten. Hopefully, we can go through all
these patches in the next few weeks and either apply them
or get a response out to the author letting them know the
status of their patch.


Patches that should be applied


 Adds gdk_draw_bitmap() to GDK. Should be applied.


 Optimization for g_node_first_child. Looks good to apply.


 Adds "shadow type" to scrolled-window, removing the need for
 widgets like GtkViewport and GtkClist to draw their own shadows.
 Also allows adding shadows to the Scrolled-Window + Layout
 combination nicely. Should go in 1.3.


 Make GtkText use IBeam rather than arrow for the mouse cursor.


 Changes the repeat on the scrollbar arrows to have an initial 


 Spelling fixes for comments and docs.


 Updates for nl.po file. Should be applied.

Fixes requiring further evaluation


 Adds -R to the output of glib-config; I think one of the GNU info
 pages has some manifesto as to why -R is evil... but otherwise
 might be OK. (Would require the corresponding change to gtk 
 to be useful)


 Patch to remove some warnings on HP/UX. The part of this 
 which get rid of implicit casts between gpointer and 
 function pointers should definitely be applied. #warning
 is no longer found in glib. The #include <time.h> part also should
 be unecessary since we simply include a forward declaration
 for struct tm now.


 Changes the way GtkViewport does size allocation by removing
 some padding in most cases. Might be good to apply? Needs
 further evaluation.


 Some changes to sending focus in events to deal with oddities
 in XIM. Not clear if it is "correct" or not, though it obviously
 does solve problems.


 Changes ordering so has_selection is already set during the 
 "delete_text" callback. Neither this nor what is in GTK+
 now look correct to me, since the delete_text callback
 could refuse to delete the text.


 Warnings fixups on HP/UX. May have some valid patches inside 
 of it, though a lot of the stuff there is a bit questionable.


 Changes xoffset and yoffset in GtkLayout to be gint instead
 of guint. Does it make sense for them to be negative?
 Claim in README of bugs from this, but no information about
 how to reproduce these bugs.


 Makes exiting from a GTK+ program thread safe.


 Fixes to GtkText.

Reasonable looking feature additions


 Copy function for GNode structures. Could be useful. Very small
 and compact.


 Patches to add a GIntSpan data type to GLib. These are compactly
 represented integer sets, much like the GNUS range data
 type. This might be useful for people...


 Splay tree implementation. Require someone deciding the "what binary
 trees do we want" questions. Do we want a generic binary
 tree base-class with implementations?


 Implements g_tree_lookup_range. Basically returns a GSlist of 
 all nodes in a tree in a certain range. Might be useful.


 Adds "operation" when setting the shapes for a widget so you
 can OR, etc, the shape with the existing shape. Might be
 OK to apply though it should use GdkFunction enumeration.


 Adds blinking cursor to GtkEntry.

 Changes scrolled windows and Clist to scroll '1 page - 1 line'
 instead of 0.5 page.


 Adds a tail pointer to GtkCList to make appends linear. It
 might be better to just convert the linear list to an array?


 Considers all tooltips within a single Tooltips to be in a
 single "group" and removes the delay when popping up a tooltip for
 another widget in the same group immediately after exiting another
 widget in the group.

 This is incompatible with existing practice where people
 just use a single tooltips object for everything, but probably
 is a desirable UI enhancement. 


 Changes the way the focus indicator is drawn for buttons to be
 windowsesque. I don't see applying this unless we make the 
 focus rectangle be a dotted rectangle for everything, and also
 change the default to be drawn in the windows fashion 
 But that would break all the themes.Non-context diff!


 Adds a MRU list to GtkFileSelection.


 Adds gtk_clist_get_selection(), gtk_clist_get_nth_selection().
 I don't think the latter function is useful, but the former
 addition would remove a common question. 


 Mixes together gtk-rdm-990711 plus:

 Changes GDK_RELIEF_HALF to display relief only on prelight
 Changes GDK_RELIEF_NONE to never display relief.

 This change is almost certainly correct, though it might
 break existing programs.  

Obsolete patches


 Rationalizes GTK+ options to all accept either --value=option
 or --value option. The gdk_arg_* stuff in 1.3 also fixes this,
 so this is probably obsolete.


 Fix segfault with GtkItemFactory. Was fixed in CVS some time
 between 1.2.6 and submission of this patch.


 cs.po. Looks like we have this in place now.

 Makes window/drawable subsitutions. No README. I think all 
 this stuff is now properly changed in the 1.3 branch.


 Adds some warnings for questionable/invalid allocations. We already
 now do that now, though in a somewhat different way. (This patch
 changes GtkAllocation to have signed coordinates)

Patches probably not suitable to be applied


 Minor modifications to g_slist_reverse(). Modifying parameters
 in a function is definitely acceptable. Also has suggestion about
 removing an extra temporary, but would make no significant differnence.


 Some fiddling with the Julian data formula in GLib. Seems to 
 be no advantage to applying this patch ... since it would
 diverge the (complicated) formula from the referenced source
 without any compelling performance advantage.


 Patches to add some basic-like string functions to GLib. Mostly,
 these are just renames of existing stdc functions... 
 not exactly within the normal domain of GLib. 


 Color->alpha function for pixmaps. I don't think this belongs in GDK;
 you really should be using GdkPixbuf and doing this _before_ you
 create your pixmap on the display rather than pulling the information
 back from the X server. The implementation here doesn't even work
 properly for pseudo-color displays.

 Allows GTK+ applications to access X resources. I don't think
 this belongs in GTK+. If you want X resources, use XLib within
 your GTK+ application.


 Adds a blinking cursor to GtkEntry. Also makes insertion point
 cursor a "I-beam" Non-context diff! (Blinking part duplicate of
 gtk-enf-990513-1, having the insertion cursor be a I-beam seems
 cluttered to me; Motif does it that way, Windows doesn't)


 Blippiness ... scheme to have menus and toolbars vanish when
 window looses focus. Maybe could be done as a module?

 GtkMagic ... fancy scheme for theme server/client mechanism.
 Does not belong in GTK+, but patches to make it possible to 
 do as a module would be accepted.


 Tries to make GtkLayout cross platform by adding fallback
 implementation on windows in terms of GDK primitive. Not the
 correct thing to do, since GtkLayout is just there to fix problems 
 in X that don't exist in windows. We'll have some better
 fix for making GtkLayout cross-platform for this at the GDK
 level in 1.3.

Misc patches


 Major additions to the texi reference materials (!). Need to redirect
 the author at the RDP and see if he is interested in integrating
 any of his work into that.


 Update to the pl.po file. Looks like we now have a complete 
 translation, thought some of the strings we now have are a bit
 different from the ones here.

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